Procrastinators gobble up Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and aspiring chefs are hungrily searching online for holiday recipes. Searches for Thanksgiving and turkey recipes traditionally peak the week of Thanksgiving, indicating that recipe searchers procrastinate and wait until the last minute before planning their feast.

Thanksgiving recipe searches 11-19-2011.png

Traffic during the 2011 holiday season shows that searches on “Thanksgiving recipes” are primarily driving clicks to,, and, all of which received a higher share of traffic from the search term as compared with 2010. The websites of CPG companies such as McCormick, Hidden Valley, Betty Crocker, and Kraft Foods have also experienced gains in traffic from searches on ‘thanksgiving recipes’ year over year, most notably from use of paid search.

Downstream websites from thanksgiving recipes 11-19-11.png

Despite the fact that search term variation “healthy Thanksgiving recipes” nearly tripled year over year, the general trend shows that there are more variations for “deep fried turkey” and “turducken” (which consists of a chicken stuffed into a duck, which is stuffed into a turkey) , although there were a higher number of these search term variations last year.

Thanksgiving search term variations 11-19-2011.png

Thanks to Lauren Rice, Analyst with the Custom Data & Analysis team, for today’s iPhone analysis.

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