Are you a good brand or a great brand?

Today’s consumers are empowered more than ever. With the proliferation of new channels, the intersection of offline and online media and the convergence of data, social and multi-media technologies, consumers have nearly limitless options to interact with brands. Those consumers, in turn, can share their brand experience with 500 friends in 5 minutes. 

Simply put, marketing is everywhere – at every touch-point, around every corner. Consumers today interact with brands on their terms – at the time and place of their choosing. 

In this new world, Good brands gain a complete picture of consumer interests across channels – online, offline, social and mobile. Great brands synthesize this data and harness its power to pinpoint targeting and consistently drive relevant, communications with their customers across all channels.

To turn all of this into reality, however, brands need two critical ingredients:  Vision and a Methodology

Delivering on the Vision

A proven infrastructure of people, process and technology for enhancing customer experience and delivering business impacting customer engagement is essential. Look for a hosted, end-to-end data management solution that leverages a three hub approach to capture and integrate data from across channels, understand how to maximize customer value, and optimize customer interactions with context and relevance. 

Methodology for your Success

Brands have been increasing their marketing sophistication by moving more toward literal one-to-one communication. This movement yields dramatic results for major brands such as Restoration Hardware, William Sonoma, Limited Brands and more.

Methodologies for this increase in marketing sophistication should provide a customized, thoughtful approach or roadmap to improve the brand’s marketing results, i.e. establishing a Marketing Sophistication Curve. By plotting the brand’s current state along the curve, a brand can develop a road map of quick wins and long-term strategies that methodically increase the sophistication of their marketing efforts – increasing engagement, customer loyalty and ultimately, revenue.

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