Make the most of in-store visits this holiday season

A consumer has many choices when deciding how to shop and purchase holiday gifts.  In this all-important season are you poised to gather customer information?  Are recent privacy rulings – such as the one in California limiting the collection of in-store information – causing you to abandon your retail data capture strategy?

Consider the following to take full advantage of customer interactions:

  • Improve the in-store customer experience by only asking for ZIP code or email , rather than name and address
  • Utilize store Trade Area capturing options to adhere to privacy concerns and legal rulings
  • Choose a service provider who can support use of your own customer data as a first priority in addition to their own supplemental data
  • Encourage store employees to adopt capture programs by improving their understanding of the benefits and by rewarding top performers
  • Initiate energetic and engaging loyalty programs that foster and maintain interest
  • Engage store customers with interactive messaging and intelligent QR codes to socialize and cultivate your brand
  • Include store capture data as part of your campaign measurement strategy

We continue to see significant increases in the volume of data our clients provide for retail capture services, underscoring the importance retail purchase activity plays in a comprehensive cross-channel strategy.

Take full advantage of capturing in-store intelligence this season, measure the impact of your holiday communications on retail performance and realize its importance in overall marketing success.