Are you optimizing the customer experience this holiday season?

With the holiday season fast approaching you need to make sure you are positioned to optimize the customer experience with an effective cross-channel approach. Consider the following actions to enhance your holiday marketing strategy:


Develop a plan that connects across all of your channels.

Speak with a common voice when communicating across channels and emphasize a clear, relevant message. Tailor the message to whom you are sending it, not the “how” you are sending it.

Integrate the timing of your online and offline campaigns. Coordinate email campaigns and digital messaging to coincide with the timing of your direct mail or catalog promotions to increase the success of key messages and offers.


Implement new data capture and measurement techniques

Leverage the influx of shopping activity during the holiday season to expand your knowledge of the customer by connecting the dots across your digital and social channels by using data points from this emerging media to get a complete view of customer behavior and preferences.

Measure the collective effectiveness of an ad, email or post, not just the first click. Understand who engaged, converted and interacted with your brand and the value of those interactions across multiple generations of marketing activity.


Appoint a leader in your organization to be the voice of the customer.

Your customers are bombarded by messages across many touch points, even more so during the holidays. Is someone in your organization poised to listen and tailor your communications and offers to your customers’ requests?

Apply the valuable insights that social media delivers to impact both digital and traditional addressable audiences. What are your advocates talking about? What about detractors? Listen and develop strategies to engage both.


More relevant and targeted communications, happier customers and a greater bottom line ROI.

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