Clean your email database before the holiday rush

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, many marketers are rushing to put together email campaigns to drive consumer spending. While the offers and message are extremely important, they are meaningless if they do not reach the intended consumers.

According to Experian CheetahMail, the average email bounce rate is 2.6 percent. With the large mailings typically sent around the holidays, that percentage can quickly balloon into a considerable number of consumers.

Most bounced emails are the result of syntax errors, like a misspelling or placement of the @ symbol in the wrong place

But there are simple ways to cleanse email addresses and ensure a higher conversion rate on campaigns. First, most bounced emails are the result of syntax errors, like a misspelling or placement of the @ symbol in the wrong place. Software tools can be used to identify and correct invalid characters and change incorrectly-typed domain names.

Next, email information is extremely dynamic and changes frequently. Third party information can be utilized to append new email addresses to customer files and provide updated email addresses for those that may have changed. These tools allow organizations to append missing information, but also to update data that is no longer useful.

Any of these tools can have a dramatic impact on the usable email addresses available in a database. These steps are relatively simple and quickly to implement and can give retailers more accuracy when communicating to consumers throughout the holiday season.

More delivered emails means more opens and clicks, and ultimately, better marketing results. Look into cleansing email addresses now to get your database ready for the busy season ahead.

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