Lean in

When riding a motorcycle, or bike, or even in a car, we often find ourselves leaning into the momentum of a turn to help it along. These movements help ensure that we are not thrown off the vehicle by attempting to counter act the momentum of that turn.

I have found that that analogy works well when dealing with changes in our lives as well. I find it interesting to watch people who are experiencing a change in their life, a curve if you will, resist the momentum of that curve by leaning the other way. Those that resist the momentum are often left behind while those that lean in to the change often come out of that change in a much better situation.

The marketing industry is experiencing this kind of change today. The shift to cross-channel marketing is a huge curve for companies to go through. Those that have leaned into the curve are seeing huge success while those that have resisted the momentum are struggling to keep up. In fact, we have seen an unprecedented number of bankruptcies and closures in the retail, catalog and financial services markets over the past decade.

Change is an inevitable part of life. You might as well lean in and go with the momentum rather than resist it and be thrown off the back.

  • Lean in – when you feel your customers migrating to a new channel
  • Lean in – when you feel the momentum of a particular channel fade away
  • Lean in – when you are faced with a new reality to deal with
  • Lean in – when you feel the culture of your organization changing
  • Lean in – when you feel the momentum of the change in your life

You just may find that the other side of that curve is a better place for yourself.

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