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I’d like to share a short story about gmail, email and deliverability success… (one of three brands) recently realized that a percentage (56%) of their Gmail subscribers were not receiving emails in their inbox. Working with their Email Service Provider (Experian CheetahMail) Account team, they identified and implemented a series of initiatives that significantly improved their deliverability success, resulting in 100 percent of Gmail emails arriving safely in subscribers’ inboxes.

Here’s how:

  • Removed Gmail hard bounces from file
  • Drilled down into email behavior to identify the subscribers Gmail considered to be active
  • Mailed only to 3 month active Gmail population
  • Moved unsubscribe link for Gmail subscribers to the top of mailing
  • Used a slower flow rate (10k/hr) for Gmail segments

In addition to the 100% deliverability rate, experienced a 22% open rate increase, a 15% click to open rate increase and a.03% increase in transaction rate resulting in incremental revenue from customers!

View screenshots and check out the full story here.


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