What is a good email marketing strategy?

In the day and age when every person who has an email account is bombarded with emails hourly, why should anybody bother to open them? Between spam and marketers it is often hard to figure out what is actually worth reading and what can be deleted without opening.

In a business to business situation this is often even more challenging. People are busy; they don’t have time to read something that will not benefit them. Therefore, in order to actually get your email read, you need to have a subject line that actually warrants a click and not an automatic delete. Don’t be too sales-oriented, tease them a bit, taunt them with what is inside the email until they can’t resist and have to click ‘Read’.

However, nobody likes a tease, so once you have the reader engaged, you need to actually deliver on our content. Whether it is a promotion, a whitepaper, or a webinar, make sure it is well-constructed and offers value to the reader.

Create an email campaign that engages the reader and causes them to look forward to receiving your emails in the future.

Another key point is to target your emails correctly. There is no sense sending an insurance report to a retail store. The information will not interest them and they will probably just delete the email and make a note to delete all of your emails in the future as well. Or if they do open your email they will be equally disappointed and feel as though you have wasted their time which could lead them to develop a bad stigma about your company.

Create an email campaign that engages the reader and causes them to look forward to receiving your emails in the future. Allow your readers to share your email with colleagues and business partners via email or social media. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of communication and by having a business share your content with another business, you are very likely to gain something out of it.

In conclusion, to make your emails stand out in an inbox remember these four things. Send your emails to a targeted list, have a catchy subject line, produce engaging content, and allow readers to share the email with others. These easy steps are sure to produce the desired results for your email campaign.

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