USPS® offers postage-back guarantee

As email marketing and social media continue to dominate the advertising world, direct mail is becoming more and more obsolete. In an attempt to encourage more direct mail campaigns, the USPS® has introduced a new postage-back guarantee.

This postage-back guarantee will be offered to advertisers who already have a large budget but dedicate little of it to direct mail campaigns. Of the selected companies, those that send between 500,000 and 1 million direct mail pieces will be offered a $250,000 postage-back guarantee. This is available for all mail pieces sent first-class or standard-mail.

This new program comes at a time when direct mail seems to be regaining strength. Studies have proven that consumers are much more receptive to direct mail now versus in the past due to the much lower volume of mail they receive. Today’s consumers find advertisements all over the trains they ride and the stores they shop in. Additionally, their overflowing inboxes are stuffed with emails from every retailer they have ever considered purchased something from. Receiving a letter in the mail is now something out of the norm and consumers are much more likely to open it. The USPS® sees this as an opportunity and is hoping other companies will take advantage of it too.