Alcohol Vendor traffic up 50% as Party season gets started

Christmas Party Champagne.png

As December approaches with alarming rapidity the start of the party season will be swinging into action quicker than you can say “Secret Santa”.

With office Christmas parties and large family gatherings on the way online searches will inevitably turn to alcohol and finding the best drink deals for the festive season. The chart below shows that visits to alcohol vendors always peak during November and December, making this the key time for vendors in the industry.

Alcohol visits chart over time.png

A look at last week’s data shows that visits to alcohol vendors are 49% up from the same week last year, indicating that this year will be a strong year for online retail in the food and drink sector.

Within the category the most popular alcohol vendor was Tesco Wine, with nearly 27% of visits to alcohol vendors in October.

Alcohol top vendors.png

Although Tesco Wine received the lion’s share of the traffic, in terms of spending time on the website, users spent much more time on competitors’ sites. Of particular interest is Naked Wines, which received 7.76% of all visits to the alcohol vendors in the category and had the second highest average visit time of 7 minutes 23 seconds.

Alcohol visit time.png

Tesco Wine received quadruple the traffic that Naked Wines received during October, but visitors to the Naked Wines website stayed for two and a half minutes longer than on the Tesco Wines site on average.

Obviously with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, this is an important season for Champagne.

Alcohol Branded Champagne.png

Search term variations would suggest that Lanson, Bollinger and Moet will be the top three Champagnes this Christmas.

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