Age Matters: Lifecycle Campaigns Bring Relevancy To A Higher Level

Experian CheetahMail has just released its latest client case study, HealthyPet strengthens customer loyalty through personalized email content. Below, resident email expert Erin Geoghegan helps explain why lifecycle messaging is so successful for HealthyPet.

Why is lifecycle email marketing such a hot topic these days? For one, it has proven out time and time again that lifecycle email communications can significantly boost subscriber engagement and retention. After all, messaging based on factors that change over time increases relevancy and speaks to customers at much more personal levels.

One example of lifecycle messaging done right is a recently launched campaign from Healthy Pet Magazine. HealthyPet, a veterinary communications and analytics company offering pet owner reminders and education via a comprehensive suite of print and digital communications, leverages dynamic content and offers relevant cross-sell promotions to significantly increase email opens and click rates while deepening customer engagement.

HealthyPet’s program consists of a series of dynamic content-filled emails triggered at each life state of a cat or dog, from 0 to 16 years of age.

HealthyPet’s program consists of a series of dynamic content-filled emails triggered at each life state of a cat or dog, from 0 to 16 years of age. Dynamic customer data is leveraged to achieve deep and relevant content personalization.

  • Customer name
  • Pet name
  • Species specific content
  • Age/life stage specific content
  • Breed name, image and link to breed profile
  • Up to four breed-specific medical conditions and their associated links
  • Breed-specific did-you-know factoid
  • Life stage and animal hospital specific offer or cross-sell promotion
  • Customer-specific login/registration codes embedded in all link URLs to personalize their click-through and Website experience

Dynamic elements also include each animal hospital’s name in the ‘from’ field of the email envelope. In addition, each animal hospital’s logo, phone number and physical address were inserted to customize the email communications to each animal hospital.

HealthyPet emails with personalized content had click rates three times higher than publishing industry benchmarks.

Great job, Healthy Pet! To learn more about the program, click here.


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