The Welcome Email — Making A Profitable First Impression

Congratulations, a new customer has signed up to receive your emails! Now what? It’s obvious that they want to hear from you — this is the opportune time to make an impression that will leave them wanting more.

Welcome emails allow you to engage with your prospective customers when their propensities to open, click and transact in emails are at peak levels. So why do so many businesses still rely on very generic confirmation emails that miss out on the opportunity at hand and are neither engaging nor of any value to the recipient?

Maybe they don’t realize how easy it can be to optimize welcome messages in order to make open rates, clickthroughs and ROI soar.

Thankfully, there are a number of proven tactics for making your welcome emails all they can be and more. Among the best practices discussed in Experian CheetahMail’s new white paper, The Welcome Email Report: Benchmark Data and Analysis for Engaging New Subscribers Through Email Marketing, here are a few best practices that are definitely worth considering:

  • Give a formal introduction: Include your brand name in the “from” address, and be sure to “welcome” your subscribers in your subject lines. Also include whitelisting instructions so that the subscribers can add the “from” address to their list of accepted senders.
  • Gain insight on their interests: Use category navigation links or images and other clever calls to action from which you can infer subscriber interests. Leverage the click-through data for segmentation and targeting from the start of the subscriber relationship with your email program to increase engagement and relevancy
  • Recognize past purchasers: Include dynamic messaging to recognize existing customers who are new to your email program. Using any data you have to drive any communication, even the initial welcome, can make an immense positive impact on the customer relationship.

Don’t forget to check out The Welcome Email Report: Benchmark Data and Analysis for Engaging New Subscribers Through Email Marketing to learn more.