iPhone Owners Increasingly Inclined to Use Phones to Make In-store Purchases

The launch of iPhone 4 not only brought on dramatic changes in look, feel and functionality of the already-popular iPhone, but it also resulted in a dramatic shift in attitudes toward using a smart phone for in-store purchases.

As the chart below shows, there is a dramatic positive shift in the number of iPhone users in the U.S. who are interested in using their phone for in-store purchases. This shift hasn’t been seen in other smart phone platforms like RIM’s BlackBerry. Is it the iPhone’s faster chipset, its ability to utilize GPS in the background or its new multi-tasking capabilities that’s contributing to this significant shift in attitudes? The reasons are not yet clear, but there is no mistaking the over 50% relative increase in the number of consumers interested in using their smart phone in a retail store since the iPhone 4 launch in June 2010.

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