Living Together, Getting Fat Together

Understanding the relationship between individuals who live under the same roof can provide tremendous insight into their behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles and media preferences that cannot be obtained by examining the behaviors of individuals alone. Experian Simmons, by employing a methodology by which all eligible individuals ages 6 and older in a single household are surveyed, is uniquely able to provide the deep insights into these most personal relationships.

Teens living in a household with obese adults are more likely to be overweight or obese.

In the first of a series of intra-household analyses, Experian Simmons explores whether obesity as measured by Body Mass Index (BMI) is a household phenomenon occurring in multiple person households.

Leveraging the 24-month Simmons National Consumer Study and the National Teens Study, we identified that where there is one obese adult in a household, there is more likely to be other obese adults and/or overweight or obese teens. We further explore food-related attitudes and visits to fast food establishments within households with presence of obese adults and overweight or obese teens.

Experian Simmons will explore these intra-household relationships in detail in a forth-coming report, but below is a glimpse of some of the analyses to come.

Among all households with teens, one-in-six, or 17%, have at least one teenager who is obese. The likelihood of a household having an obese teen significantly increases to 25.7% when there is one or more obese adult in the household and to 37% for households when there are two or more obese adults under the same roof. The findings are even more pronounced when including overweight or obese teens in households. More than half of households with multiple obese adults (55%) have at least one overweight/obese teen.

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