Gift Reminders Increase Email List Sizes

Like many seasonal or anniversary oriented retailers, FTD has a Gift Reminder program, which they do a great job of promoting. (Side note: The name “FTD” originally stood for “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery” when the company was founded in 1910. Then, in 1914, the name was updated to “Florists’ Transworld Delivery.” Who knew?)

I recently purchased two flower arrangements from FTD.com and noticed some pretty nice features revolving around their email reminders. The first mention of their reminder program comes during the checkout process — after the delivery information and before the payment options.

FTD does a great job with:

  • Being clear that this is an optional form. A customer does not need to fill this out in order to complete their transaction. As a consumer, I know that I am signing up to receive email notifications by completing this form.
  • The offer is clear and generous.
  • The rules are clear. I need to enter 5 reminders in order to receive 20% off my next order. This information is listed twice in a small space.
  • The form is easy to understand and simple to navigate.
  • Reminding customers about the gift reminder service again once the checkout process is complete. Since I did not enter 5 reminder email addresses and dates on my first attempt I was given the option to enter them again.

eminding customers about the gift reminder service again once the checkout process is complete

Do you have any examples of Gift Reminder services? How have these performed for you? Do you opt-in for these types of services? Share your experiences with us!