Summer Video Game Pause?

Who’s responsible for crowding the video game aisle of major retailers? Women with kids, it turns out, not childless men, are the demographic most likely to buy video games. Experian Simmons found that fully 32% of women with children say they bought at least one video game in the previous 12 months. Only 26% of men without children said they bought a video game in the past year. Men with kids and women without children are the least likely to buy games with 22% and 16%, respectfully, having reported a purchase in the past year.

With the mercury rising, one might think that video gamers would be ready to hit “pause” so they can better enjoy the outdoors. While we see a clear drop in video game buying among men and women without kids during the spring and summer months, those with kids tend to buy games year-round. If anything, we see a small rise in game purchasing by this demographic around the winter holidays, but there is little-to-no perceivable decline when school is not in session.


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