Professional Tax Services Less Appealing

The overarching trend in personal federal income tax filing for the past two years has been a slight decline in the US tax payers’ inclination to use professional tax services. Over the past two years, the number of tax payers who prefer to let professionals prepare their taxes has decreased by three percentage points (from 46% to 43%).

At the same time, Turbo Tax continues to be an increasingly popular choice for those wishing to do their taxes themselves. In the past two years, the share of tax payers using Turbo Tax online and offline software increased a relative 9%, compared to a relative decrease of 24% for users of H&R Block’s online and offline software. At present, 15% of American adult tax payers use Turbo Tax services, with vast the majority of those (73%) using Turbo Tax online tax preparation software and only 27% using Turbo Tax offline tax preparation software.