Simultaneous Use of Computers and Mobile with Television

Gone seem to be the days when the TV set was the main point of attraction in home entertainment. Today’s average home has quite a few screens that are used simultaneously and multifariously. The TV set can play the main role, become background noise, or act as a first step in a further quest for information. Who thought multitasking could be fun? Apparently, nearly a third of U.S. consumers think so as they report using their cell phones and/or computers at the same time they watch TV. While watching TV, Americans regularly admit to searching for information online, communicating via e-mail, instant messenger, and text, and even watching other video on a computer or cell phone. This simultaneous media use activity is also on the rise. Between August, 2009 and February 2010 (just 6 short months), Experian Simmons observed a 4% increase in the number of adults using a computer while watching TV and an increase of 2% in the number of adults using their cell phone while watching TV.

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