Super Bowl® Fans More Likely to Drink Budweiser at Game Time

In 2008, during the three weeks preceding the Super Bowl there was a 16% average increase in the percentage of Super Bowl fans who drank Budweiser. In 2009, that average increase was 25%, or nine percentage points higher.

One factor that might have contributed to last year’s increase was the mass appeal of Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercials. According to, the top two 2009 Super Bowl commercials were Bud Light: Fetch and Bud Light: Office Meeting. At number one, Bud Light: Fetch featured the now famous Clydesdale horses. This year, Budweiser has asked fans to vote whether the Clydesdale horses should be part of the Budweiser 2010 Super Bowl campaign and The Facebook fan vote chose a Clydesdale spot over two other Budweiser ads.

All things being equal, we can expect Budweiser consumption among Super Bowl fans to increase again during this year’s season.

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