Omniture’s Chris Parkin: Web Analytics + Email = Relevance Delivered

We’re honored to have a special guest blogger contributing to our site today: Chris Parkin from Omniture! Read on to hear Chris’ thoughts about the power of email and web analytics integrations.

Email marketing continues to be a mainstay in online advertising, but a few trends are forcing marketers to be more disciplined in the way they reach their customers.

Consider the following:

  • Your customers are bombarded with an incredible amount of information every day. They have access to innumerable information sources and an unprecedented amount of flexibility in the ways they connect to these resources. Some estimates suggest that the number of emails delivered annually is approaching 62 trillion messages. To put this into perspective, an estimated 1.2 billion people have Internet access in the world. Therefore, the average Internet user will receive 142 emails every day (including weekends). Also, other forms of digital messaging media are continuing to proliferate. One estimate indicates that 81.2 million text messages will be sent to U.S. mobile phone subscribers this year.
  • Expectations have changed too. Your customers expect an experience that speaks to them individually – messaging to their basic demographic or market segment is not enough.

So what do these trends mean for the email marketer? Relevance is more critical today than ever.

Two of the best ways to make your messages more relevant is to incorporate timeliness or behavioral data into your campaigns. Fortunately for marketers, integrating web analytics data into email campaigns is an easy way to make messages both timely and relevant. Many of today’s winning email campaigns are using web analytics data to engage customers by reminding them of a product they recently abandoned on a website, or introducing them to additional benefits of a product they just purchased.

To better illustrate the real world benefits that can be achieved, let’s consider a best practice case study: U.S. Auto Parts Network. US Auto Parts integrated Experian CheetahMail’s email marketing technology with Omniture SiteCatalyst online analytics through Omniture Genesis.

With the integration in place, U.S. Auto Parts gained precise insight into the purchasing habits of customers by measuring their post-email click behavior. They were then able to maximize both time and behavior based relevancy by using online behavior data to automatically trigger highly targeted ReMarketing messages to cart abandoners by reminding them about products still in their shopping cart. The email reminders linked back to the abandoned cart, including the products, with added incentive to complete the purchase.

The results? U.S. Auto Parts boosted revenue per email and transaction rates 50 times higher through the integration by using time and behavior as the key triggers. By creating and measuring relevant content, US Auto Parts’ emails connected with customers, leading to clicks and higher conversions. As email marketers continue to find innovative ways to engage customers, relevance will make the difference between boosting conversions or becoming just another email in customers’ inboxes.

Chris Parkin is Senior Director of Genesis Solutions for Omniture. To read more of Chris’ thoughts on web analytics, check out the Omniture blog.


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