Traits of Today’s College Basketball Fan

Although the number of Americans watching March Madness (15%) ranks behind the NFL’s Super Bowl (38%) and MLB’s World Series (22%), the sport has quite a distinct following. Firstly, college basketball fans tend to be slightly older. In fact, Americans in the 18-24 year old age bracket are 4% less likely to be very or somewhat interested in college basketball than those 45 years of age and older. Read on for more statistics and trends pertaining to those most likely to be following March Madness this month.


  • College basketball fans are likely to be financially comfortable. Close to 40% of the fan base earns at least $100,000, and they tend to work in ‘white collar’ occupations.
  • Thirty-eight percent of college basketball fans reside in the South; however, the fans in the Midwest are 23% more likely to be very or somewhat interested in college basketball.
  • College basketball fans who listen on the radio are avid fans. Not only do they catch the game on the radio, but also on TV. Their top three cable networks are FSN, ESPN2 and ESPNS News respectively.
  • Golf is their preferred sport to play. In fact, when compared to basketball, they are 25% more likely to play golf.

Source: Experian Simmons National Consumer Study/National Hispanic Consumer Study Summer 2008 Full Year

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