Google Properties – Understanding the Breakdown

Leveraging the custom category capability of Hitwise, I’ve created a category of the top 20 Google domains in order to understand the popularity of Google’s varied services. The table below details the percentage market share that each property accounts for in relation to all visits to the top 20 Google Domains.

Ranking of Top 20 Google Domains
As has been the case since we started reporting on Google in 2003, Google Images remains the most popular subdomain past the main Google URL. Interestingly, some of the latest Google offerings have yet to capture significant market share in their category (Google Finance currently ranks 39th in the Business & Finance – Business Information category, with 0.29% market share of visits to the category, Yahoo! Finance in contrast, ranks #1 in the same category with 35.6% of market share). However, vertical sites not withstanding, the collection of Google properties continue to grow, in total, accounting for 4.3% of all Internet visits for the week ending 5/13/2006.

Traffic to various google properties continues to grow

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