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Marketing Intelligence Shows Consumer Retail Spending is Trending Upward

Jim Rohn once said, "Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." According to recent market intelligence, retail spend continues to trend up, translating into increased balance growth on new bankcard and retail card originations. Retail spend continues to trend up from a year ago driven by continued demand for autos in addition to growth in clothing store and restaurant sales. Translating into increased balance growth on new bankcard and retail card originations, particularly seen in the super prime and prime consumer risk segments, where balance growth and origination volumes had been down a year ago given relatively cautious sentiment. This is an encouraging sign in consumer confidence given the overall economic trends in unemployment and downward pressure on home prices.[ READ MORE ]

The Benefits of Knowing A Consumer’s Ability To Pay

Income InsightSM and Income Insight W2SM, Experian’s income estimation models, were developed primarily to assist credit card lenders in assessing a consumer’s ability to pay to minimize the likelihood of extending credit beyond what the consumer can repay. However, as mentioned in a recent USA Today article, many other types of clients besides credit card lenders have found uses for income estimation models.[ READ MORE ]