[White Paper] 2014 Forecast for the Data Breach Industry

By Michael Bruemmer, Experian Data Breach Resolution

Data Breach Forecast 2014>> White Paper: 2014 Data Breach Industry Forecast

Over the past decade, we’ve seen millions of consumers impacted worldwide by an explosion of security incidents. In the past two years alone, the number of data breaches both experienced and reported increased with no signs of slowing. Companies are beginning to realize it’s not a matter of if, but when, they will become victim of a security incident. As new security threats constantly arise and regulators push for more transparency, organizations are faced with the need to prepare for developing challenges.

Looking ahead, all signs point to 2014 being a critical year for companies to become better prepared and have the swift ability to respond to data breaches. To accomplish this goal, it is imperative that companies understand the evolving data breach environment. Based on our experience, there are six key predictions companies should monitor in 2014.

>> White Paper: 2014 Data Breach Industry Forecast

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