Make Matching Prospects With the Right Products Easy

Improving acquisition numbers in the current market has many benefits

Being able to streamline the process and proactively match the right consumers to the right products will reduce acquisition costs.  Consumers also benefit because it has no impact on their credit score.

Clients tell us the number one reason people abandon online applications is because they are worried they’ll be declined. What if you alleviate this concern by matching consumers to the product that best fits their credit profile at the start of the shopping process, greatly improving their chances of approval when they apply?

Experian gives you this ability with Prequalification, a powerful, consent-based credit-screening tool that provides access to individual credit data so you can proactively match consumers to the right products when they still are considering their options. Prequalification also can help to educate consumers on their credit health.

Here’s how Prequalification has changed the acquisition game for two of our clients who are prospecting online. “Experian’s Prequalification works — providing real benefits to the consumer and the marketer,” according to Ian Cohen, CEO of Credit.com. “For the consumer, Prequalification reduces the risk and fear of rejections. Plus, it helps them better manage their credit. For us, the marketer, Prequalification has facilitated targeted marketing that produces well-matched leads, fewer declines and lower acquisition costs.”

A subprime credit card issuer using Prequalification for online acquisitions said, “Experian’s Prequalification product is the perfect fit for our target market. Prequalification allows consumers, especially those with little or less than perfect credit, to see if they are qualified for one of our cards without risking a negative impact to their credit score.”

Find out how Prequalification can change your online acquisition game today. Contact us at 1 888 649 7990.

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