Collection Industry Under the CFPB Microscope. Learn How to Protect Yourself

A record 12,788 lawsuits were filed in 2011 against accounts receivable management companies for regulatory violations, with the majority related to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This year began with increased concern from the collection industry as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) shows heightened interest in debt collectors.

Companies are facing potential litigation and fines

With this increased scrutiny, collection companies are under the microscope even more than before. Companies face potential litigation, fines and negative publicity if they attempt to collect on past-due consumers without proper handling. It’s now critical to identify accounts with a protected status before making collection efforts, in order to minimize legal risk and optimize your resources.

Experian’s FirstSweepSM can help you optimize your treatment strategy to deal with regulatory risk. Experian® can identify which consumers may be bankrupt, deceased or active duty military. Additionally, phone type and fraud indicators can be provided.

Act now by contacting your Experian account executive or calling 1 888 471 0066 to learn how FirstSweep can help you reduce regulatory risk.

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