Opportunities Within The Underbanked Market

Offering new opportunities to the Underbanked Market

The underbanked, or unbanked, market represents nearly 64 million U.S. consumers who have limited or no traditional credit history. What does this mean for consumers and what are the potential opportunities in the financial services market?  Approximately 25 percent of the population could benefit from a wide range of financial products and services.

The dramatic transformation of the financial services industry requires new advances and innovation in credit strategies to respond to the growing number of underbanked customers who need to be served. At the core of these changes are real people who need financial options to manage their lives and who are critical to getting this nation back on track. Quality products and services are the key to your prospective customers’ future, enabling providers to profit while actively contributing toward improving people’s lives.

Tools to solve tough risk and underwriting challenges

Experian’s Extended ViewSM score gives you the tools to solve tough risk and underwriting business challenges by offering a complete view of a consumer’s payment behavior while providing new opportunities in the underbanked space to transform consumers’ lives.

Our advanced analytics are powered by credit data, rental data and comprehensive public record attributes and allow you to:

  • Give consumers cost-effective credit and financial opportunities
  • Remain in regulatory compliance
  • Generate new, untapped revenue streams

Let us assist you in helping grow your portfolio and develop opportunity in the underbanked market. Learn how Extended View Score can help you build your portfolio and expand your business contact us or call 1 888 683 4170.

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