VantageScore – Lenders Look At More Than Your Credit Score

VantageScore® helps consistently measure a consumer’s creditworthiness across all bureau platforms

The majority of lending decisions are based on custom scores developed and owned by individual creditors. Financial institutions view these custom scores as intellectual property, and they are rarely, if ever, disclosed to consumers. There also are various third-party scores that lenders use in the underwriting process that are implemented differently to assess a consumer’s creditworthiness.

VantageScore® was developed by the three national credit reporting companies (CRCs) to resolve the challenge of having the same information deliver a different assessment of a consumer’s creditworthiness. Because it is the same model at each CRC, VantageScore delivers a consistent measure of the consumer’s creditworthiness across all bureau platforms. Any differences in a consumer’s credit score can be attributed to the differences in the data, not in how the score was implemented at the CRC.

To learn more about VantageScore, click here, contact your local Experian sales representative or call us at 1 888 422 0105.

VantageScore® is owned by VantageScore Solutions, LLC.

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