The Benefits of Knowing A Consumer’s Ability To Pay

Income InsightSM and Income Insight W2SM, Experian’s income estimation models, were developed primarily to assist credit card lenders in assessing a consumer’s ability to pay to minimize the likelihood of extending credit beyond what the consumer can repay. However, as mentioned in a recent USA Today article, many other types of clients besides credit card lenders have found uses for income estimation models.

Governmental entities and regulated utility companies use the models to identify those consumers who are eligible for financial assistance programs. Tenant screening companies incorporate the models in their processes to verify an applicant’s income. Retail catalog companies can target the right prospects by utilizing income in their prescreen campaigns. Debt collection companies combine the models with a recovery score to determine those consumers most likely to repay their debt. Having this additional insight into a consumer’s ability to pay helps many different types of clients make more informed decisions.

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