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Minda McMann manages the Experian Healthcare Eligibility and Payer Alerts products, as well as the Referrals/Pre-Authorizations initiative. McMann joined Experian through the acquisitions of Medical Present Value and TeraHealth, Inc. As the first employee of consulting start-up company TeraHealth in 1996, McMann co-developed TeraHealth's inaugural product, the Eligibility Subsystem Interface (ESI) with TeraHealth's founder, and was integral in successfully driving the transition from custom request to commercially viable product. Over her 17 years through the company's evolution, McMann has been involved in all aspects of successful product life cycle management. Minda graduated Magna Cum Laude from Juniata College with a BS in Mathematics and Economic Analysis.

Catching Misclassified Accounts Early Pays Off...

Posted on Oct 22 2013 by
Sometimes it’s all in the cards. And, in the end, it’s usually not a winning hand for the healthcare organization. In this case, the “card”...



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