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The Secret to Decoding Insurance Payments and Contracts

Posted on Apr 30 2015 by

In the 1930s, Ovaltine offered listeners of the Little Orphan Annie radio program a membership badge with a decoder ring that allowed listeners to replace numbers with letters and figure out secret messages – which usually urged them to drink Ovaltine. Fast forward to 2015, and a decoder ring can be bought online for under […]

Better Insight Yields Better, Faster Claims Payments

Posted on Nov 05 2014 by

It’s only natural to want to be fairly, fully and quickly reimbursed for services – it’s the basic foundation of business. Yet only in healthcare does attaining this basic transactional norm become challenging. Healthcare providers must be vigilant at all stages in the revenue cycle to ensure the amount they receive is timely and accurate. […]

The Patient Perspective: Keeping the Financial Experience Compassionate

Posted on Mar 05 2014 by

Meet Joe—a patient who is walking into a healthcare office, terrified of the news he might hear. He is confused and overwhelmed, not sure of where to turn for help. Joe isn’t entering a doctor’s exam room – he is actually walking into a hospital’s patient registration area, waiting to receive information about how much […]

Revenue Cycle Myths: Realistic Ways to Increase Reimbursement in an Era of Value-Based Care

Posted on Feb 07 2014 by

With the rapidly changing healthcare environment, many organizations are taking a hard look at their revenue cycle, seeking proactive ways to enhance both efficiency and performance in the era of value-based care. While the need to improve is clear, the opportunities for improvement may be obscured by myth and misperception. For example, consider the following […]

Take control of the reimbursement process: Leverage data and analytics to elevate payer contract performance

Posted on Jan 16 2014 by

By all accounts, healthcare reimbursement is complex. Given the highly specific contract terms between thousands of providers and payers, there are bound to be situations where payer compliance falters and payments are not accurate. In fact, national payers make approximately 500 payer policy changes a year, which only adds to the complexity. As organizations strive […]

Patient Access Staff: The Gatekeepers to the Patient Experience

Posted on Dec 12 2013 by

We encounter gatekeepers every day, ranging from TSA agents at the airport and call-center operators for online retailers to office receptionists and hotel front desk staff. Gatekeepers have a tough job as they manage access, filter information, provide advice and maintain order. Their attitude and actions dramatically impact our experience as consumers. The healthcare industry […]