Data management made easy: Introducing Experian Pandora™

shutterstock_124923554-blogWe are excited to introduce you to a new solution that quickly and easily identifies anomalies in large volumes of data and eliminates silos between IT and business users to enable collaboration to solve greater data challenges. Experian Pandora is a data quality platform that empowers organizations to truly understand their data and is used by non-technical business professionals to get accurate, complete, and trusted data for any project they are working on.

Experian Pandora is able to load data from a variety of sources. We provide the tool to ensure ANY data you have is clean and actionable as a start. The actual uses are endless, but we’ve seen a few higher priority ones here in healthcare including:

  • Identifying non-existent dates (e.g., February 30, September 31, etc.)
  • Recognizing when a field doesn’t match the expected criteria (e.g., a Social Security number entered where a name is expected, etc.)
  • Detecting figures that fall outside of a specified range (e.g., in a range of 1-100, we can identify entries greater than 100 or negative numbers)

Let us show you how Experian Pandora can enable your business to solve your most pressing data challenges. Contact us today at experianhealth@experian.com or 1 888 661 5657 to schedule a demonstration.