HFMA Webinar—Data-Driven Technology: Putting the Patient First

shutterstock_243408133_blogThe movement to value-based care reimbursement structures, over fee-for-service, is partly driven by the goal of aligning healthcare providers, insurers and patients around a shift away from episodic sick care to more interactive information exchange, as well as team interaction to manage post-acute care—all of which allows for a more holistic approach to patient care. A successful transition to value-based care will become your hospital’s competitive advantage. Is your revenue cycle management (RCM) prepared for this transition?

Join Experian Health and HFMA on October 24 at 11am PT/1pm CT for, “Data-Driven Technology: Putting the Patient First.” During this webinar, Greg Caressi, Senior Vice President, Transformational Health with Frost & Sullivan, will provide actionable information on:

  • How RCM can optimize claims and contract management, as well as benchmark effectively against enterprise-level financial metrics
  • Utilize care management tools to automate and govern chronic conditions that can negatively impact patients and increase system costs
  • Implement effective patient identity management systems that accurately identify and resolve duplicate EMRs
  • Focus on patient engagement strategies which will activate patients across the care continuum, as well as enhance the patient payment experience

Attend this webinar to learn how new data-driven technologies are helping providers demonstrate favorable impact on population health. Register Now!