Experian Health website changes – What you need to know

Over the past month, Experian Health has been working on ways to improve our website’s navigation to make it easier for you to navigate and find what you need. Below is an overview of these changes we’ve made.

Changed ‘Client Services’ to ‘Client Resources’ in top navigation

Product login pages/links:

  • You can now access links to our products in two ways:
    • ‘Client Product Login’ under ‘Client Resources’
    • ‘Client Login’ drop down at the top right of our website

Payer lists:

  • Payer Lists can be found under ‘Client Resources’
  • To help make our website more mobile-friendly, we’ll also soon be removing the Payer Lists link from our top-level navigation

Changed ‘Resources & Events’ to ‘Events & Expertise.’ Other changes within this area:

  • Added ‘Events, Insight and Downloads’ to make it easier for visitors to view our list of events, white papers, articles, podcasts and infographics
  • Added a link to the Experian Health Blog
  • Changed ‘Client Videos & Case Studies’ to ‘Client Success Stories’

Renamed ‘Products & Services’ to ‘Healthcare Solutions.’ Other changes within this area:

  • Removed links to our product bundles from the top navigation and consolidated these into ‘Providers,’ which links to our Healthcare Solutions page, showing all the bundles
  • You can still find the list of bundles when you click on Healthcare Solutions, and on the left navigation of all product pages