Readying for HFMA ANI in Orlando

Cindy-Dullea-postExperian Health will be at HFMA ANI again this year–booth 619–at the Orange County Convention Center  in Orlando. Cindy Dullea, Chief Marketing Officer, with Experian Health, chatted with Joe Lavelle of IntrepidNOW to discuss Experian Health’s plans for the conference. Excerpt below:

“…for us it is really the opportunity for once a year to be up close and personal with what we see as our most important potential clients and our clients and that is really hospital, chief financial officers, revenue cycle management directors and executives. Really this is the sweet spot in the market that we play in and to really get an opportunity to have those folks come by our booth and spend time with us to learn about our product line, to learn about the new and innovative type things we’re doing is really quite frankly paramount to us in why we want to always be at this show.

The nice thing about ANI is they stay true to their roots in terms of the activities that they plan for and do to support the chief financial officer and to support the financial operations in a healthcare organization. So I think there wake up sessions that they’ll be doing, they drive, they are attendees into the exhibit hall for meals and for social activities, and so it really does blend a little bit of the educational type sessions along with the exhibit hall sessions where one is more of a structured program and the other one is really obviously up to the attendee in where they want to go.”

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