#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Kathleen Harris at #HIMSS17

Kathleen-Harris-post-w-logos-768x768Kathleen Harris, Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle Products & Analytics, from Experian Health, sat down with Joe Lavelle from IntrepidNOW at HIMSS17 to discuss data and analytics.


“What we’re doing across our data is using our identity capabilities to link patient accounts among providers and within a provider. So we get transactional data like I mentioned from about 50 products, and the inconsistency even within the health system of that unique identifier is something that needs to be solved, a problem needs to be solved, and it’s even greater when you go among providers that are from despair health systems or physicians or hospitals. So we use that identity capability, again something that we leverage, from broader Experian and bring into Health to accurately identify the patients and match their accounts among providers.

Our history is in the workflow and transactional tools. And so what we’ve done with our analytics solution is taking the data from those transactions and workflow tools and combined them and match them by a unique identifier as I mentioned. So one of the things that I think that is unique for all of us is that not only can we do the analysis and push the report to you, benchmark you among 3,500 hospitals, half a million providers roughly, but we can also tie that analytical capability to a workflow capability. So you’ve got a problem here operationally, or you’ve got a problem here financially, you’re not completing this process, push the information to the people that need it, to start making corrective changes.”

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