Introducing Precise Match

Experian Fraud and Identity Solutions continues to invest in its fraud risk and identity verification platform. This commitment is demonstrated by one of our largest initiatives to date — the optimization and expansion of CheckpointSM, our demographic and identity-element matching database. Checkpoint is undergoing comprehensive enhancements using a phased approach. As part of the development, a new name has been created for the launch: Precise MatchSM.  

Phase 1 of Precise Match (aka Checkpoint) includes many technology enhancements: a new architectural environment using new technology on a new and improved Fraud platform. The new environment was designed to scale for future growth with the capability of handling big data, yet it still maintains the integrity of the legacy system and provides the Checkpoint data quality as well.

Precise Match has enhanced matching logic, and the search and match now includes the ability to identify a match under conditions where the match is less than exact, such as close matches, partial matches and even low confidence matches. As a result of the new search and match algorithm, Precise Match will add more than 400 more granular result codes to those available in the existing Checkpoint. To facilitate use, the result codes have been grouped into six confidence levels and clients may opt in to receive them via the confidence group. A chart highlighting differences between Precise Match and Checkpoint follows.

Comparison Chart

Precise MatchSM CheckpointSM
Optimized search logic designed to capture the most records for matching purposesStandard search logic
Expanded match logic allowing clients to opt in to “close match” and “partial match” rules, in addition to “exact match” rulesStandard match logic using “exact match” rules for address and simple fuzzy match for names via nickname, etc.
More than 400 new, additional result codes providing additional granularity when a close or partial match rule firesStandard result code set of 28
New data sources used in individual segments, with plans for additional data sources in the futureStandard data sources used for matching
New configurability options to provide greater control and flexibilityExisting configurability

Note: Precise Match is not available to the legacy Authentication Services platform or within Biz IDSM.

With robust personally identifying information (PII) data and enhanced match result codes featuring client-selected confidence levels, Precise Match represents Experian’s next generation of demographic and identity-element matching. Deeper regulatory and compliance checks, increased efficiency, lower operational costs and reduced customer friction are just a few of the many benefits. Precise Match Phase I features enhanced address search and match and is available starting in January 2012. Existing clients who are interested in learning more should contact their Experian representative. To use Precise Match, it will be necessary to submit a change request, opt in and identify which Result Code Confidence Groups will be used.

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