Pay, Resist or Punt? How Will Your Organization Handle a Ran...

cyber attacks

Jul 27 2016 by
  Ransomware has been prominent over the last year. If it becomes as ubiquitous as identity theft and data breaches — and signs point in that direction – how will your organization deal with it when a hacker uses malicious code to lock you out of your own computer systems? Will you alert the authorities and turn to a ransomware IT expert to unlock the encrypted data? Will you take the risk of a costly and...


Cyber crime gets costlier...

cyber attacks

Oct 04 2011 by
The Ponemon Institute's recently released "Second Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study" confirms what many of us might suspect from the endlessly grim headlines these days; data breaches have become a more frequent and damaging hazard of business.  The study, sponsored by ArcSight, set out to quantify the financial toll from cyber attacks and assess the full impact of those costs over time, with the purpose of helping...


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