National Protect Your Identity Week Arrives: Are You Helping...

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Oct 23 2013 by
National Protect Your Identity Week, Oct. 20 to 26, provides a prime opportunity to talk to your staff about identity protection. We know from multiple studies that workplace identity theft is a growing concern. Are you doing enough to help your employees protect themselves? While businesses routinely train employees in protocols intended to protect business data and prevent data breaches, they may be less involved in...


10 ways that breaches burn business...

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Feb 15 2011 by
With a little bad luck, security breaches can become the match that sets your revenues aflame.  Breaches are big business for fraud “arsonists” who smoke out ways to profit from your pain.  How big?  Here’s what the Identity Theft Resource Center has uncovered about security breaches and the workplace: 1.     According to one study, identity theft cost U.S. businesses and consumers $56.6 billion in a given...


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