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Gant has practiced law for nineteen years; fifteen of those years as in-house counsel for security software companies. Prior to joining Co3 Systems, Gant was General Counsel of Arbor Networks, now part of the Danaher Corporation. Gant has also been Counsel at Authentica (sold to RSA/EMC) and AXENT Technologies (sold to Symantec). In 1997, Gant was appointed membership on the President Clinton’s Export Counsel Subcommittee on Encryption (PECSENC). Gant holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Wake Forest University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia, and is admitted to practice law in Virginia and Massachusetts. Gant also holds the CIPP/US certification (Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States).

Federal breach notice: A view worth the climb?...

Oct 16 2012 by
  Our guest blogger this week is Gant Redmon, General Counsel & Vice President of Business Development at Co3 Systems. Working for a company that navigates 46 different state breach notice laws and a plethora of sector based federal breach notice laws, I’m often asked what I think the likelihood is that the Federal Government will pass a comprehensive data breach notification law that supersedes all the...


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