‘Security 500’ Report: Catching Up on Cyber Crime

Big or small, every American company needs to think about security. Security Magazine’s recently released 2013 “Security 500” report is a good indicator that companies across the country are broadening how they view security, and looking for new ways to ensure their businesses are as secure as possible.

While the report focuses largely on physical security, it also addresses information security – a topic near and dear to our hearts, as Experian again ranks No. 2 in the report’s Business Services sector. Some of the observations in the report delve into subjects on which we’ve taken leadership roles for years, such as data breach prevention and recovery.

Cyber crime is third on the report’s list of 2013 security trends, but it’s always been a No. 1 issue for Experian Data Breach Resolution. The report recognizes that the impact of cyber crime, from identity theft to data breaches, reaches far beyond direct monetary losses – all the way to brand identity, investor perception and a company’s continued viability.

Preventive steps are vital, but they’re not the whole story, either. When it comes to effective cyber security, companies must also be proactive about their ability to respond to a crisis. It’s essential to have in place a data breach response plan that will clearly outline the steps your company will take to remedy and recover from the damages of cyber crime.

A fast, effective response – one that takes care of both your company and consumers – can help ensure you mitigate damage to your organization, its finances and brand. That’s a message we’ve been trumpeting for a long time, and it looks like more companies are embracing the concept.