Webinar: Data breaches can happen anytime, anywhere

Can you imagine losing backup disks containing information for 300,000 patients? Or having computer back-up tapes stolen? What if someone hacked into your network servers or lost important laptops? These aren’t hypothetical scenarios. They’re real data breach cases that have occurred in recent years. Can this happen to you? You bet. The key is being prepared for the inevitable.

I would like to invite you to participate in an informative webinar on this important issue. I will be joined by Dr. Larry Ponemon, a data protection “think tank” pioneer and Chairman of the Ponemon Institute, and Karen Murray, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer of Steward Health Care System in a discussion focusing on the latest data breach trends, how to prepare for a data breach and the best ways to respond to a breach.

The 90-minute webinar, delivered in conjunction with the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), will be held at noon CST on July 25, 2012 and participants may be eligible for CEUs.

In addition, the webinar will feature:

• The latest research about consumer notification from the Ponemon Institute
• A look at healthcare data breach statistics
• Best practices for data breach preparation from a compliance officer’s perspective.
• Examples of what works – and doesn’t work – when responding to a data breach
• How and why data breaches happen
• How to budget the resources for a  potential breach
• What do regulators expect from an organization that experienced a breach?
• A question and answer period for participants

Come learn the best ways to try and prevent a data breach and the most effective methods to respond to one. Learn to minimize your costs and help protect your reputation.