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Study explores how frequently lenders validate credit scores

May 09 2014 by
As part of its guidance, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recommends that lenders perform regular validations of their credit score models in order to assess model performance. The guidelines apply to both custom...


Heartbleed: Is your organization prepared?

May 01 2014 by
The security world was taken by surprise earlier this month when researchers discovered Heartbleed, a new large-scale threat that exploits a security vulnerability in OpenSSL. Hackers potentially could access the servers of more...


The majority of Millennials have used a cosigner in the

Apr 24 2014 by
A recent survey focusing on the credit behavior of Millennials (age group 18 to 30) shows that 90 percent are familiar with cosigning and two-thirds have used a cosigner in the past. Cosigning was utilized most frequently for...


New card limits increase only for top credit tiers

Apr 17 2014 by
Bankcard originations had a 32 percent year-over-year increase in Q4 2013 ($61 billion to $81 billion). However, average new card limits increased only for the super-prime and prime credit tiers. Average new card limits for the...


Lender survey shows concern over consumer understanding of credit scores

Apr 11 2014 by
In an effort to understand consumer needs better and help lenders educate their customers, VantageScore® Solutions surveyed more than 200 lenders nationwide on the topic of score reason codes. The results of the survey...


Financing becomes more available for nonprime credit tiers

Apr 07 2014 by
Auto financing became easier to obtain in Q4 2013 and the market share for new vehicle loans in the nonprime, subprime and deep-subprime credit tiers increased slightly to 34.1 percent of all new loans, up from 32.8 percent in Q4...


Annual study analyzes e-mail marketing trends

Mar 27 2014 by
According to Experian Marketing Services' annual Email Market Study, personalized promotional emails have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates than nonpersonalized mailings. The study also...


Leasing grows in popularity as lenders ease credit standards

Mar 20 2014 by
The most recent Experian State of the Automotive Finance Market report shows more consumers are leasing vehicles. Leases accounted for 28.4 percent of all new vehicles financed in Q4 2013 - the highest level on record since...


Eastern states continue to pay late

Mar 13 2014 by
While access to small-business credit is improving and credit balances are increasing, key differences still remain across the United States. Small companies in the Western states show the strongest improvements in delinquency...


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