Which credit score tiers have the highest incidence of strategic default?

Posted on Apr 16 2012 by

A recent Experian study showed that strategic defaults accounted for 23 percent of all mortgage defaults 60 days past due or greater in Q4 2011. Other findings included the following: Prime and super-prime consumers (VantageScore® A and B tiers) have the highest incidence of strategic default Average outstanding mortgage balances for strategic defaulters are nearly […]


Auto lenders originating longer loans

Posted on Apr 12 2012 by

With interest rates at their lowest level since 2008 and an increasingly competitive market, automotive lenders are increasing their willingness to make loans between six and seven years long: Auto loans of 73 to 84 months accounted for 14.1 percent of all new vehicle loans, up 47 percent from Q4 2010 Auto loans of 73 […]


Collections in today’s world: five steps for success

Posted on Apr 09 2012 by

The economy is accelerating at a sluggish pace, and world headlines cause business leaders to swing between optimism and pessimism daily. Risk managers must look more closely and much more frequently at their customers’ behavior to stay ahead of emerging credit problems. Some tips: Use all customer information when making decisions. Combining both internal and […]


Average credit score drops for both new and used auto loans

Posted on Apr 06 2012 by

The automotive loan market continued to improve, with lenders showing more willingness to lend outside of prime. In Q4 2011, average credit scores for new and used auto loans dropped when compared with Q4 2010. Additionally, the percentage of loans to customers with nonprime, subprime or deep-subprime credit scores increased. Average credit scores for new […]


Loan growth a top priority for small-business lenders

Posted on Apr 04 2012 by

Despite low demand and a shrinking pool of qualified candidates, loan growth priorities continue to rank high for most small-business lenders – both for small to midsize banks and large financial institutions. Between 2006 and 2010, overall loan applications were down 5 percent where large financial institutions saw small-business loan applications rise 36.5 percent. Banks […]


Strong growth in bankcard originations for some credit tiers

Posted on Apr 02 2012 by

The strongest growth in new bankcard accounts is occurring in the near-prime and subprime segments of VantageScore® C, D and F. Year-over-year (Q1 2011 over Q1 2010) growth rates of 20 percent, 46 percent and 53 percent were observed for each of the respective tiers. Listen to our recent webinar featuring bankcard credit trends Source: […]


Are you in compliance with the new consumer protection laws?

Posted on Mar 30 2012 by

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) now has the ability to write and enforce 18 consumer protection laws that guide financial products and services. The new regulator has signaled the following issues as priorities: Clarity on how credit scores affect lender decisions: Beginning July 21, 2011, lenders were required to disclose the credit score that […]


Are mortgage originations continuing their decline?

Posted on Mar 28 2012 by

Even as interest rates remain at near-record lows, mortgage originations declined for the second quarter in a row in Q2 2011 to $268 billion, a 19 percent decline over the previous quarter. Refinance activity that spurred originations in 2010 has not been as prevalent this year. Listen to our recent Webinar on consumer credit trends […]


What metrics are you using to measure score performance?

Posted on Mar 26 2012 by

VantageScore®  polled risk professionals about how they are measuring score performance, and 60 percent of respondents said they are now using metrics beyond the Kolmogorov-Smirnov (KS) statistic value. One new metric is score consistency, which is defined as the ability to provide near-identical risk assessment of a consumer across multiple credit reporting agencies. In other […]


Automotive loan originations shift into high gear

Posted on Mar 23 2012 by

Lenders continued to increase their appetite for risk in Q2 2011, with new vehicle loans for customers with credit outside of prime increasing by 22.4 percent compared with the previous year. In Q2 2011, 22.29 percent of all new vehicle loans went to customers in the nonprime, subprime and deep-subprime categories, increasing from 18.21 percent […]