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Bankcard growth trend continues

Feb 19 2015 by
According to a recent Experian credit-trend analysis, bankcard originations for all of 2014 totaled $318.7 billion, a 20 percent increase over 2013 originations of $266.5 billion. The growth trend demonstrates the importance...


More consumers are doing nothing after a data breach

Feb 19 2015 by
The experience of being a victim of data breaches has created a shift in consumer behavior and attitude over the past year. A recent Ponemon Institute study found that more than one-third of consumers ignored data breach...


Balancing customer acquisitions and fraud prevention

Feb 18 2015 by
While marketers typically spend vast amounts of money to increase customer acquisitions, fraud prevention can undercut those efforts. According to a recent 41st Parameter® study, average card-not-present declines represent 15...


Many unscoreables are actually considered prime or near-prime

Feb 17 2015 by
According to research from VantageScore® LLC, 30 to 35 million people are not scored by the most popular credit-scoring models. When measured by more modern scoring methodologies — methods that leverage the data that exists in...


The results are in: Peak week email volume and revenue

Dec 21 2014 by
This season’s peak week, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving through the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, had an 18 percent increase in email volume, an 11 percent rise in transactions and a 7 percent increase in email revenue in...


Surviving the season of giving without drowning in debt

Dec 20 2014 by
According to a new survey from Experian Consumer Services, consumers are anticipating spending more on gifts this holiday season than they did in 2013. However, only 38 percent of those surveyed plan to set aside a budget for...


Minnesota dominates top 10 list

Dec 19 2014 by
Experian's most recent State of Credit report analyzed the average credit scores for more than 100 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). The residents of Mankato, Minn., topped the list with the highest average credit score of...


A mobile-centric approach to acquisitions

Oct 27 2014 by
The ubiquity of mobile devices provides financial services marketers with an effective way to distribute targeted, customized messages that appeal to a single shopper — a marketing segment of one. With eight out of 10 retail...


Balance transfers: a profitable opportunity

Oct 17 2014 by
Card-to-card balance transfers represent a substantial profit opportunity for lenders. According to recent Experian estimates, balance-transfer activity currently is in the range of $35 billion to $40 billion annually, with most...


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