Small Business

The company looked good on the surface

Posted on Sep 22 2011 by

A credit score is looking to the future . Sometimes I will receive a question about a score, because on the surface the company looks good, but its credit score is in the high risk range. Often the confusion is caused by current data looking decent, such as having a high percentage of existing trade […]

Hidden business owner liabilities add to your “waste line” rather than your bottom line

Posted on Sep 19 2011 by

Some good friends of mine are on a new “low carb” diet and have been getting really impressive results. Now I find myself constantly checking food to make sure I don’t get too many of the dreaded “net carbs.” Too many, and my waistline will suffer. Similarly,  not knowing what’s in the background of a […]

Why aren’t your accounts paying you promptly?

Posted on Sep 14 2011 by

Periodic evaluation of your accounts’ payment behavior may help mitigate your financial risk. One good way to review your portfolio is to compare how your accounts are paying you vs. how they pay others. First, take a look at the average number of days your accounts pay you beyond agreed upon terms . Then, compare […]

Get back to business

Posted on Sep 12 2011 by

The kids are back to school. Now it’s time for you to get back to business and focus on building what’s best for growing your small business, including a good business credit rating.  Remember, your company’s business credit information is one of the first things lenders, suppliers and others will look at before deciding to […]

Tired of all the Bad News?

Posted on Sep 09 2011 by

I’m tired of all the bad news.  Seriously.  Every day it seems like it’s something different.  We get a brief ray of sunshine, and we feel good for a few minutes, then its right back to feeling bad again.  Like today… for those of us who are in the Northeast (New Jersey specifically), the constant […]

Demystifying Experian’s Days Beyond Terms (DBT)

Posted on Sep 02 2011 by

In  recent posts I’ve written about the database where Experian data resides and the matching engine that brings it together.  Now, I’d like to write about one of the data elements that resides on the database and is seen on all of Experian’s commercial credit reports —  Days Beyond Terms (DB T).  To many it’s […]

Business Names: What’s in a name?

Posted on Aug 24 2011 by

In my last post, I mentioned Corporate Registrations and Fictitious Business Name filings as sources Experian leverages for discovering linkage relationships.  Today, I’d like to expand a bit on the different types of names that may be associated to a business.  That’s right, there’s more to the topic than meets the eye. Let’s start with […]

Does one size really fit all?

Posted on Aug 22 2011 by

One of the challenges in developing credit scores for more than 25 million businesses in the U.S. is accounting for the differences. After all, statistical scoring started in order to avoid making time consuming decisions on each new account application. On the other hand, having one scoring model would lump every company together in one […]

Finding Industry Trends in Your Portfolio

Posted on Aug 18 2011 by

Many times businesses focus on customer accounts from an operational standpoint. They review their portfolios relative to the processes of origination, credit management, and collections. And so much emphasis goes into the operational side of the business that analysis of their portfolios for profitability to particular types of customers are often overlooked. Here are a […]

Make sure your credit policy accounts for Account Review

Posted on Aug 15 2011 by

Last time we talked about how credit policies are like a plant grown from a seed. They need regular review and attention just like the plants in your garden to really bloom.  A credit policy is simply a consistent guideline to follow when decisioning accounts, reviewing accounts, collecting and setting terms.  Opening accounts is just […]