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Fraud and identity theft can affect your business too.

Posted on Jul 19 2011 by

We’re all aware of the increasingly bold moves fraudsters take to steal personal identities to secure jobs, cars, homes and more—but what about business-to-business fraud? As a small business owner, how much thought do you give to fraud protection for your business? You have a lot to fear and even more to lose if you […]

Where did all the “optimism” go?

Posted on Jul 15 2011 by

Ok, that is a loaded question. We can take a look at many things, and say, “yea, with all the bad news coming out, of course small business owners are losing confidence”.  The NFIB confirms that with their latest report. Reasons cited?  What else….inflation fears brought on by higher gas prices, and high unemployment.  But wait […]

What’s your level of exposure in the event a disaster affects your accounts?

Posted on Jul 13 2011 by

Last time, I wrote about the importance of understanding your portfolio’s exposure. Let’s get a little more specific and evaluate things from a disaster perspective.  FEMA reported that there were 81 declared disasters in the U.S. last year. This year, we’ve already experienced 50 disasters. According to the American Red Cross, “as many as 40% […]

Custom versus Generic scorecards? That is the question.

Posted on Jul 11 2011 by

One of the most frequently asked questions posed to me by clients is: Do I need a custom scorecard? To answer that question, let’s first start with the benefits of a custom scorecard (or model).  Here are a few of the best things about a custom scorecard: 1) Increased model performance. Typically a custom scorecard […]

Using Credit Scores to Drive Policy

Posted on Jul 08 2011 by

How do you use scores in setting a credit or risk policy? The answer actually varies widely, but there are some general rules. What is your companies risk tolerance? If margins are high, approvals are usually high also. In this situation, only the highest risk and lowest scored accounts should be rejected or reviewed. For […]

Take a vacation from late payments and bad accounts

Posted on Jul 07 2011 by

 Summer vacations are in full swing and I can’t wait to spend some time at the beach with the family this summer. Since late payments and bad accounts never seem to take a vacation, I want to remind you of a couple of the tools we have available to help you manage your accounts. […]

Just because you have a business, don’t assume you have a score.

Posted on Jul 06 2011 by

Credit reporting companies require a minimum amount of information on your small business before they can generate a credit rating for your business. The process of scoring your business can include more than 200 factors into its model. To build a business credit history and rating, encourage your suppliers or vendors to report your company’s […]

QR codes, are you using them to grow your business?

Posted on Jun 30 2011 by

Have you seen them?  They look like a square graphical maze that you see at restaurants, on print marketing materials, at retail stores, and I’ve even heard they’re being used for headstones!  So what are they? Well, they’re really barcodes that contain information you want to share.  Whether you choose to direct people to your […]

TRMA highlights risk management/customer service dilemma

Posted on Jun 29 2011 by

Striking a healthy balance between risk management and customer service can be a challenging proposition, especially when dealing with small business accounts. This was a common theme voiced at today’s TRMA Summer Conference Small Business Roundtable here in rainy San Francisco. Small business accounts represent significantly higher exposure than consumer accounts, so it’s understandable that […]

Tale of Two Recoveries Redux

Posted on Jun 24 2011 by

So, sometimes it takes a little while for the popular press to catch up.  I say that because on June 14th, an article ran on talking about, of all things a “Tale of Two Economies”.  Well, if they had seen our blog on May 18, they would have seen that we could have told them […]