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BusinessIQ Express…what is the media saying?

Posted on May 17 2012 by

A little over a week ago, we announced BusinessIQ Express at the FinovateSpring 2012 conference in San Francisco. The new online tool was designed to help small businesses better evaluate and monitor business relationships, and collect on outstanding debt. Since its launch, we’ve received some amazing coverage in the media. For example, PC World named […]

Introducing BusinessIQ Express for Small Businesses

Posted on May 08 2012 by

Are you a small business owner or do you know one? At FinovateSpring 2012 this morning, we announced BusinessIQ Express, an exciting online tool designed to help small businesses keep the cash flowing by helping them make smarter decisions about the businesses they work with. The tool helps users: Evaluate prospects, customers, suppliers and partners […]

We’re at Finovate again – big announcement coming tomorrow!

Posted on May 07 2012 by

Our team is on a plane heading to San Francisco to announce our latest exciting solution at FinovateSpring 2012 tomorrow, May 8. If you’re not familiar with Finovate, it’s a twice yearly showcase of the most innovative financial and banking technologies. We showcased DecisionIQ Premier last year – and this year’s announcement is just as […]

What’s behind a failing business?

Posted on Apr 18 2012 by

In the movie “Casablanca”, the French police chief has a famous line, “round up the usual suspects”.  The Financial Stability Risk Score, or FSR, predicts bankruptcy or severe payment default and the factors used by the scoring model are familiar ones. Among the warning signals used:  61+ and 91+ delinquency trades and derogatories such as […]

Announcing our Financial Stability Risk Score

Posted on Dec 16 2011 by

You do not have to be the owner of Greek Treasury bonds to be concerned about the risk of a major account going bankrupt or defaulting. Slow pay is one thing, but no pay is unacceptable. To help reduce the risk of no-pay accounts, we’ve developed a new product – the the Financial Stability Risk […]

Get paid! Using triggers for commercial collections

Posted on Oct 24 2011 by

Experian’s quarterly Business Benchmarking Report released numbers for Q3 showing the percentage of dollars severely delinquent (91+ days past due) has increased by 15.8 percent compared to September 2010. This goes to show why businesses are struggling with their debt collection efforts.   How do you know if you are getting the most out of your […]

The Sun may be shining again…or at least trying to

Posted on Oct 19 2011 by

I split my time between the East Coast and West Coast. Last month, I guess the rain in the northeast was getting to me.  Seemed like between the August rain and all the bad economic news in the media, it was hard to find a lot to smile about.  But I did manage to find […]

Credit Decisions with a 360° View

Posted on Oct 12 2011 by

The foundation of your commercial business begins at the customer level. With that, you’ll need a clear picture of your account’s health to make the best credit decision. Having data such as the following at your fingertips could prove to be very beneficial…  Additional business affiliations – Is your customer affiliated to any other customer […]

Are you always the last one to know?

Posted on Oct 07 2011 by

In my personal life, sometimes I feel like I am the last one to know about major life changing events that impact my family or friends.  If it wasn’t for social media sites, how else would I have known that Jack and Jill are now separated and that Katie & Kyle just got engaged?  Back […]

How is my commercial credit score calculated?

Posted on Oct 03 2011 by

When consulting with our clients, one of the most frequent questions I get is how much impact does each variable have on the Intelliscore Plus Score?   Today, I will attempt to answer this question, without giving away our “secret sauce”. Variables affecting a commercial credit score, like Intelliscore Plus, are broken down into three key […]