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Taking away some of the mystery of credit scoring

Posted on Jun 13 2011 by

For most people, a credit score on a business—the Experian Intelliscore—is a bit of a mystery. In reality, the score can be thought of as solid credit analysis driven by a statistically disciplined process. For example, most people would agree that a tax lien would be a serious issue for a small business, but not […]

Have you seen the future recently?

Posted on Jun 13 2011 by

They say the future has a strange way of arriving on time.  As much as we want to ignore it, it still arrives.  The question then, is how well have you prepared for it?  One way you can get ready, is to get the information and tools you can rely on to make sure you […]

Tell me what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see in the future

Posted on Jun 07 2011 by

I’ve been on the road a lot these last few weeks visiting clients and prospects. While spending the night in the Dallas Fort Worth airport with storm warnings and getting stuck in Chicago wasn’t much fun, visiting and learning from clients/prospects always is. As the product manager for BusinessIQ, the information gleaned from these sessions […]

How macro-economic data can help you set business strategy

Posted on Jun 06 2011 by

Macro-economic information can often be one of the most important sources of data when setting a company’s strategies. Yet, this data is not always timely or that accessible. Whether you are reviewing the optimal staffing level for your firm in the coming year, or determining how much inventory to purchase, it is essential to understand […]

Your business credit paints a picture of your small business for the world to see

Posted on Jun 03 2011 by

Unlike personal credit information, which is regulated and can be viewed only with the permission of the report holder, access to business credit is not as restricted. Business credit information is available to anyone for any reason, including customers, competitors and suppliers. This makes it imperative to monitor your business credit on a regular basis […]

How to prioritize collections in a challenging economy?

Posted on Jun 02 2011 by

Given the current economic state of affairs, the need to develop an effective collection strategy has never been greater.  Unfortunately, the quantity of collection accounts has never been higher and the demand to prioritize which accounts get selected for additional recovery procedures becomes very difficult.  The good news is there are three industry best practices […]

Data freshness is the key

Posted on Jun 01 2011 by

In my last blog post I talked about how Experian’s commercial data model works.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should give it a look at: Today, I want to explore the importance of data freshness.  Unless you are “in the business”, maintaining a commercial database might look relatively easy and straightforward.  However, […]

Mistakes Websites Commonly Make

Posted on Jun 01 2011 by

Recently I read an informative article on Open Forum regarding common mistakes websites make and thought I’d summarize and share the knowledge.  By now, most business own and operate via a website.  Some have spent thousands in building out the site and some have utilized sites like Yahoo Shopping templates to start their business.  Whichever […]

Behavioral Analysis – Science or Art?

Posted on May 27 2011 by

Really, it’s a little of both. To get a good sense of your client base’s behavioral payment patterns and be able to successfully manage credit risk, you first need to understand your portfolio. The best way to do that is to slice and dice your portfolio into different chunk-size segments and identify any trends within […]

Learnings from NACM

Posted on May 26 2011 by

I am back home and have a moment to reflect back on NACM Credit Congress 2011.  Everyone was engaged – ready to learn and ready to share.  I experienced this first hand when I co-presented with Jessica Ford during a presentation focused on credit and fraud trends and ways credit professionals can help improve the bottom […]