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Stay Ahead of Trouble – Proactively Manage Your Portfolio

Posted on May 02 2011 by

If you make decisions just by pulling credit reports, you may want to think about how you can manage your accounts proactively. Pulling a report is helpful in deciding whether you should offer credit to a business. But, consider these basic steps when looking for any negative trends:  #1 Develop a policy for how you’d […]

Ever heard of ‘blended data’? It’s the best for scoring small businesses.

Posted on Apr 29 2011 by

We receive a lot of questions about using “blended” data, meaning the use of both business and consumer data when making a business credit decision.  First and foremost, you need to have permissible purpose to use consumer data on a business.  (Permissible purpose is a set of rules established by the federal government on how […]

It’s financial literacy month! Pledge to fine tune your business credit knowledge

Posted on Apr 27 2011 by

If you’re a small business owner, knowing and understanding your business credit is the first step to helping your business grow. It can help you with a variety of business challenges that range from building capital to gaining customers. In honor of financial literacy month, take the time to educate yourself about your small business financial […]

Business Credit Blog launches today

Posted on Apr 25 2011 by

As President of Experian Business Information Services, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Experian Business Credit Blog today.  Experian Business Information Services has been a leader for over 30 years in providing business credit information, and this blog extends our history of publishing trends, insights and perspectives that can help you and […]