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Mary Kathryn Jarcy is a Senior Product Manager for Experian Business Information Services. She manages business reports, corporate linkage and international products.

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Corporate Linkage – it’s never finished

Posted on Oct 31 2011 by

In the world of Corporate Linkage I often hear, “linkage is never finished”.  What do I mean by this statement?  Change is constant in today’s business environment.  Some businesses are starting up while others are closing their doors.  Businesses are acquired and businesses merge.  That is why at Experian we constantly monitor for changes in […]

Why is there more than one DBT on a business credit report?

Posted on Oct 06 2011 by

In my last post I shared some insight on Experian’s Days Beyond Terms (DBT). Today, I’ll answer a question I received following that post – Why is there more than one DBT on a business credit report? The answer is different trade payment types may result in a different DBT. Let me explain what I […]

Demystifying Experian’s Days Beyond Terms (DBT)

Posted on Sep 02 2011 by

In  recent posts I’ve written about the database where Experian data resides and the matching engine that brings it together.  Now, I’d like to write about one of the data elements that resides on the database and is seen on all of Experian’s commercial credit reports —  Days Beyond Terms (DB T).  To many it’s […]

Business conversations and pizza debates

Posted on Aug 11 2011 by

Next week, the Credit Research Foundation’s (CRF) summer conference is in Chicago—and I am thrilled to attend.  Not only is this CRF Forum one of my favorites of the year, the forum is also in Chicago.  What else could be better?  If you are not familiar with CRF, or have not been involved in a […]

New credit report may free up some time to enjoy summer!

Posted on Jul 28 2011 by

As the summer heats up many of us are looking to take a break to enjoy our favorite summer activities.   While this break is well deserved (and essential for maintaining our sanity) it’s important to remember that the discipline around our credit decisions can’t take a break.  New applications still come in the door, products […]

Having an existential crisis about how business data comes together? It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg

Posted on Jul 15 2011 by

Which comes first – BizSource or TrueSearch?  It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg – without one you can’t have the other.  BizSource is the repository where all the information coming into Experian’s commercial database is housed.  This repository holds the information that’s essential for creating the credit story – trade payment, public […]

The magicians tell the credit story, with the help of a few tools.

Posted on Jun 22 2011 by

In my first blog posting I mentioned credit reports were the credit story of a business.  In this posting I’d like to provide you with some insights on the raw materials that are brought together to become the chapters within the credit story. You may think it’s simple to compile information to create the story.  […]

The world’s not getting smaller but information is getting closer

Posted on Jun 09 2011 by

Doing business internationally is much simpler today than it was 10 or 20 years ago, but the need to mitigate risk while expanding globally has not changed.  That is why I’m so excited to launch our new international offerings through BusinessIQ .  We now provide access to a suite of products that provide global credit […]

Learnings from NACM

Posted on May 26 2011 by

I am back home and have a moment to reflect back on NACM Credit Congress 2011.  Everyone was engaged – ready to learn and ready to share.  I experienced this first hand when I co-presented with Jessica Ford during a presentation focused on credit and fraud trends and ways credit professionals can help improve the bottom […]

Coffee talk with us at NACM next week

Posted on May 18 2011 by

Let’s catch up over a cup of coffee at NACM Credit Congress next week in Nashville.  We’d love to get your industry insights and share what’s new at Experian.  Hearing from businesses is the best way to understand what’s really going on in the industry, and we always appreciate the chance to chat with you. […]