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Julia Chang is Director of Internet Initiatives for Experian Business Information Services. She focuses on developing strategic initiatives and partnerships to reach online users and businesses.

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Google+ and mobile for the SMB.

Posted on Jul 21 2011 by

In the past month there have been two  Google services that I’ve been keeping an eye on.  First was Google+.  I’m happy to say that I’m one of the 18 million users on the newest social media network.  The first week it came out, I was asking everyone I knew for an invite!  I was […]

QR codes, are you using them to grow your business?

Posted on Jun 30 2011 by

Have you seen them?  They look like a square graphical maze that you see at restaurants, on print marketing materials, at retail stores, and I’ve even heard they’re being used for headstones!  So what are they? Well, they’re really barcodes that contain information you want to share.  Whether you choose to direct people to your […]

Mistakes Websites Commonly Make

Posted on Jun 01 2011 by

Recently I read an informative article on Open Forum regarding common mistakes websites make and thought I’d summarize and share the knowledge.  By now, most business own and operate via a website.  Some have spent thousands in building out the site and some have utilized sites like Yahoo Shopping templates to start their business.  Whichever […]

Integrating social media into your business

Posted on May 06 2011 by

Social media.  You hear it all over the place.  What is it, and are you taking advantage of it for your business?  The nature of social media is to share.  It is a place where conversations take place.  It is a place where a community is built.  It is a place where people try to […]