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Alan Duckworth is Vice President Information Management and Data Strategy for Experian Business Information Services. He is responsible for collecting, managing and maintaining the data and databases that drive Experian’s business credit products.

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Business Names: What’s in a name?

Posted on Aug 24 2011 by

In my last post, I mentioned Corporate Registrations and Fictitious Business Name filings as sources Experian leverages for discovering linkage relationships.  Today, I’d like to expand a bit on the different types of names that may be associated to a business.  That’s right, there’s more to the topic than meets the eye. Let’s start with […]

Explaining Experian’s Corporate Hierarchy Linkage – Part 2

Posted on Aug 01 2011 by

In my previous post, I talked about how the technology environment enables our Corporate Linkage solution, and promised to describe how the “linkage recipe” works – so here we go. Let’s start with what is eligible for linkage and why.  Since our customers are looking for data that helps them assess risk and accountability for […]

Explaining Experian’s Corporate Hierarchy Linkage – Part 1

Posted on Jul 22 2011 by

In prior posts I have discussed Experian’s data model and how the data model allows us to keep our commercial file up-to-date and accurate.  Today, I’ll explain how we leverage our data assets and technology infrastructure to make Corporate Hierarchy Linkage available to customers.  I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear me say […]

Data freshness is the key

Posted on Jun 01 2011 by

In my last blog post I talked about how Experian’s commercial data model works.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should give it a look at: http://www.experian.com/blogs/business-credit/2011/05/03/the-inner-workings-of-our-commercial-data/ Today, I want to explore the importance of data freshness.  Unless you are “in the business”, maintaining a commercial database might look relatively easy and straightforward.  However, […]

The inner workings of our commercial data

Posted on May 03 2011 by

Welcome to my inaugural post on the Experian Business Credit Blog. I am often asked how the business credit information we provide to our customers is created and maintained – so this seems like a good topic to start with. Our data model takes advantage of the strengths and uniqueness of thousands of data sources, […]